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Hi, everybody!
I haven't updated in so long...Lately I've just been doing Xanga or MySpace.

Interesting things....

My brother is married!
I'm a manager at McDonald's.
I'm now walking with a really good friend almost every other day for 7 miles...Therefore, I've lost weight. Yay!!!!!
I'm going to Thailand in December with hopefully my buddy Michael.
That's mainly it...I mostly just walk, work and sometimes sleep. Which makes me very cranky, but I'm a work-a-holic. Can't help it...

So, lots of fun. It's nice having a friend to walk and talk with, now.

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God Help Me~Rebecca St. James
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So since I'm sick and bored, I decided to post here the top 5 things that have happened since I last posted on this thing ma jiggy.

1. Decided to go to Costa Rica, but was switched to Panama in December.
2. Came back from Panama, grateful to still be alive!!!!!!!!
3. Had four guys try to ask me out on dates.
4. Turned down all guys and have decided not to date due to the fact that I believe I am too immature right now.
5. Was promoted to MANAGER at McDonald's!!!!

That was all mainly in December. I can't really remember anything else. Things are going so fast....I'm getting nervous because I'm just about to turn 17 and I feel like I haven't accomplished much and before you know it, BAM! You're dead and God's looking at you, going "Well, what have you been doing for me those 20 years?" (Because my main goal to live is 20...If I live past that, great! But knowing my luck, I doubt it!) And I won't be able to list much except for a few mission trips. 
So yeah.
That's my December, that goodness it's over.
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Quick update:

Took ACT test.
Still trying to raise up money for the December mission trip.
Trying to fatten Blaze so he can leave for Ohio.
Dyed my hair pink.
Possibly getting a promotion to Crew Trainer at McDonald's.
Possibly getting a raise because of promotion.

And you can learn more at my Xanga site.

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"Let no one ever come to you without leaving better and happier. Be the
living expression of God's kindness: kindness in your face, kindness in
your eyes, kindness in your smile."

-Mother Teresa

It makes me wonder.  Have I ever done this? Have I ever made somebody feel better about themselves or about God? 

I don't know. 
But I do know what I am to do.

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You Consume Me---Dc Talk
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Life has been OK. I'm getting totally pumped up for December-Costa Rica will be my 9th country this year. Come next Summer I'll actually be going to Peru again-though to the Amazon. The physical difficulty rating is 5 of 5 and the ministry is 4 of 5. So this is going to be extremely difficult. 

I was getting sexually harassed at McDonald's for about a week. Luckily my good friend Michael did his best to keep him away and to back off, but eventually I went to Patrick, one of my managers. Patrick did an excellent job of making sure it won't happen again and if it does, Scott will be fired. I'm just worried I've made an enemy out of Scott for going to Patrick-so I have a feeling rumors shall be spread about me. Goodie. but I know none of my friends will believe anything.

Went to Mt. Hope Auction. Ended up getting three piglets. One of the pigs cost me $7.50, another $10 and a beautiful spotted one for $30. I couldn't believe how cheap they were. Some piglets were even going for two dollars! Whoa. 

But that about sums it all up.
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So. I'm no longer doing LiveJournal. 
I'm a Xanga girl now! 

And that's it. I shouldn't really be on the computer anyway. I'm having some issues with my hands. :( Wa.

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Yep. Still alive. Praise God. XD

Miss my team like crazy. But luckily I'm still keeping in contact with them, though it's not the same. 

Back to work at McDonald's...It was weird at first, yet familiar. I started acting like I was a newbie-standing there, fooling with my fingers. After a couple minutes, I thought to myself, "duh." And just got back to work the way I usually did. Hehe. Fun stuff. And I got to see Michael!!! Yay! I've missed that guy so much. He's really close to getting fired-it's like no matter what, he can't do anything right in the manager's eyes. So, I'm working hard to boost Michael up as much as possible. They also keep putting him in the hole for two months straight, which he's getting sick of, so tomorrow I'm going to see if they'll put me in the hole instead. When they put someone in the hole for weeks straight, it means they're trying to get them to quit or they just don't like them. So, if I can get Michael out, it'll be better and put Michael in a better mood. 

Trying to figure out what to do with my doxies and horses. I'm going to hopefully keep my four original Dachshunds, but I have to sell Bruno, Dodger, Charlie and Maggie, along with all my other puppies, which is heart-breaking. Not sure what I'm going to do with my mares...This is so hard...

And I'm also trying to concentrate on staying close to God and fundraise for December. Difficult.
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My Evil Plan to Save the World
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I'm back from Peru...And having an incredibly hard time getting used to being home. I miss my team, Peru, and doing the dramas immensely. But I won't get into that.

I'm leaving for Costa Rica in December...God told me to go, which was amazing. And he also told me I have to be a full-time missionary. Whoch I'm scared about.

And it means I have to sell my Dachshunds and mares. It's breaking my heart...They've been all I ever cared about. God is asking so much of me.

I'm never going to have a home. I'm just going to be bouncing around countries...

And I'm scared.



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I liiiiiiive!
I'm back from Europe-I ended up going through 7 countries there, not just 4. Booya. 
I liked one girl, Holly, a lot. She was my friend. Then a guy named Robby was my buddy, but that basically covers my friends list. Yeah. 
But let's not go into that. XD

The sites were...amazing. Wow. 
And we basically almost ran through 100 degree weather everyday. And the food was...How do I say this? Disgusting? No, no...Revolting! Yes, that's the word for it. It was so bad, I lost 15 pounds. How sweet is that? 5 pounds a week! I've learned that belts are my friends, as my jeans keep trying to slide off. O.O  I'm so happy. 

It was a fun experience, though. But I was homesick and wish I had more time at home, instead of just 48 hours.

But, this is my next good-bye!

Atleast I'll be with Sarah this time, though.

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I talked to Michael tonight on the phone. ^.^ I feel so much better after talking to him. After he found out it was me, he said, "hey, buddy!" So we talked for a while and he kept telling me how much everybody was already missing me. And apparently drive-thru is boring now for him, because he has nobody to talk to. Poor Michael. XD But I miss everybody, too and will be glad when I'm back. Mike said that when I come back from Europe, we'll all go bowling or mini-racing, which would be fun. 

But, other then that....

I shall give a quick up-date come July 9th and then I'll be off again July 11th with Sarah.

So, good-bye everyone and I'll talk to y'all later. 

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